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SIMATOK Professional Simulator

Race Center

Team and Driver

The SIMATOK RG 265 simulator is the essential tool for your trainings. Thanks to its carefully selected components you can adjust your driving position and really feel like you are in a real race car.

Once comfortably seated, you may work at improving your driving skills.

A thouroughly studied dynamic motion system enables you to "feel" and experience "mass transfers".

The professional steering device with force feedback will reproduce all the various sensations you may experience while driving (torque, bumps on the roads, etc.).

Thanks to a highly accurate pedal set, you can work on fine tuning your braking, throttle pressure and clutch balancing.

One important point for a full immersion is "vision": It has to be clear, wide, and for that, our simulator comes with three 46" HD LCD displays.

The "immersive cage" option will provide you with a better isolation from unwanted outside "distractions".
Important: The cage does NOT move along with the simulator's platform. Indeed, as in real life, a dynamic simulator reproduces a car's motion. The car moves "on" the road, not "with" the road.

You may also want to benefit from the sound insulation to reduce unwanted noise from the outside of the cage.

With SIMATOK, you can truly live your passion for driving.
With SIMATOK, you will never feel the frustration from the lack of driving again.

Dynamic simulator providing you with the exact replica of your favorite race cars

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